Cocoa-Ruby Scripting [2nd gathering update]

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We are done with the 2nd gathering.

Thanks Beansbox for the venue, Chris Chan for the presentation and everyone else for your participation.

You can find here the presentation slide and here for Ruby Cocoa documentation.

Cocoa-Ruby Scripting

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Ruby expert – Chris Chan will host the Ruby-Cocoa scripting topic for us.

We will cover Ruby basics, Cocoa and Ruby syntax comparison and sample code.

Apple added official support to Ruby scripting, first, in Leopard. You can find Cocoa Ruby project template in Xcode. Everything in Cocoa can, basically, be mapped to Ruby through the RubyCocoa bridge.

You can have a Cocoa application project that mixes Ruby and Objective-C source files. This adds a lot more flexibility in developing our applications.

We are looking forward to see how we can leverage the beauty of Ruby in Cocoa application from Chris that evening.

Date/Time: August 21, 2008 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

(the talk will be around 30 to 40 min)

Location: Beansbox office in Central – 3/F, 28 Stanley Street (It’s an old building. Take the staircase right between a small cafe called “一樂食館” and an output shop “ColorMix”)

Google Map

Registration: here (facebook)